adv , conj.
1. similarly, equally, to the same extent, in equal degree, no less than, in the same proportion; to such a degree or extent, to the degree that, in proportion to which.
2. for example, for instance, namely, to wit, Latin, videlicet. viz.; in a manner like that of, after the manner of, in the same manner with, of the same kind with; thus, in this way.
3. thought to be, considered to be, taken to be; viewed like, under the name of, in the idea or character of.
4. at the same time that, during the time that, while, when.
5. since, because, inasmuch as, forasmuch as, it being the case that; for the reason that, by reason of, on account of, in consideration of, considering that, on the score that.
6. though, even if, granting that.
7. as for
with respect to, with regard to, with relation to; in reference to, in connection with, as regards; in the matter of, on the subject of, in point of, in that regard.
8. as good as
a. equivalent to, equal to, tantamount to, the same as; of equal goodness with, up to the measure of.b. practically, almost, nearly, near, near to, close to.c. true to, faithful to.
9. as if
as though, as it would be if, as might be; as it were, as if it were, so to speak, in a manner of speaking, quasi; just as, like; seemingly, supposedly.
10. as it were
as if it were, so to say, so to speak; in a way, in a manner, in some sort; as it seems, as it would seem.
11. as long as
provided that, assuming that, supposing that; since, because, as.
12. as regards
with regard to, with reference to, with respect to, concerning, having to do with.
13. as yet
up to the present time, until now; right now, at this moment, now. —pron.
14. that, who, which; being of the kind which, being of the class who.
15. in the role of, in the function of, in the status of.

A Note on the Style of the synonym finder. 2014.

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